The 3 Secrets to an Executive's Staying Power as a Leader

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Executives are relied upon to lead and help position their companies to "best-level" status. Even with the best of intentions, though, they can get side-tracked and/or burned out. As a result, the organization can suffer. Listed below are 3 essentials that executives can adopt to shift their organization's performance from "neutral" into "high gear."

SECRET #1: Stay connected to your organization's vision and its cause. Sometimes, it is easy to drift away from the organization's purpose, because you can become immersed with the Board of Directors and senior managers regarding administration, planning, and other sundry concerns. Therefore, staying grounded as to why you are there in the first place - and having some mechanism to renew that thought process every day - is very important.

SECRET #2: Suppress your ego and your reactive behavior. Otherwise, you fall prey to the consequences of toxic behavior. Many leaders think they will lose authority if their pride is compromised. However, the opposite is true. You start gaining true power, once you have learned how to shut out and quell your personal agenda. Ultimately, you emerge healthier and stronger, in both mind and body.

SECRET #3: Keep things simple. Avoid the complexities. Focus on what really matters.

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Include these 3 tips into your leadership repertoire, and operational success will be yours - in the form of a highly-functioning organization, a devoted team, and continued company growth! To professionally display your resume leadership skills to hiring decision-makers... read more...